January 14, 2012

Follow the Money

Recently, Google announced Search Plus Your World. There's been a certain amount of grumbling that Google's new social search highlights Google+ results to the detriment of other social networks. Google counters that that's because other social networks don't make their pages searchable. It's all over the internet, but WebProNews has a decent summary of at least Twitter's complaints.

While Twitters not making that much right now (at least compared to Facebook, etc.), they're clearly moving toward more aggressive monetization (for example, see Twitter's ad products and how advertising is key).

In advertising, audience share equals money. If Twitter gets shut out of Search Plus Your World results, and more traffic is driven to Google+, it will undercut their bottom line.

And in case we forget exactly how much money this can mean, there’s a nifty infographic on Facebook’s IPO. It’s all interesting, but here’s a snippet:

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